Clearfield TUA

Corteva TUA

Everything you need to know about the Corteva TUA.

The Corteva Agriscience Technology Use Agreement (TUA) allows growers to access the benefits of canola hybrids with the Clearfield trait. 

Overview of the Technology Use Agreement.

The Corteva TUA, an agreement between the grower and Corteva Agriscience is an important part of growing Clearfield canola. Not only does it serve as a license allowing the grower to access the benefits of the Clearfield trait, it also preserves the integrity of the Clearfield trait, delivering the same level of germination, vigour and yield potential you’ve come to expect from the Clearfield system.

Benefits of the Clearfield Weed Control System for canola.

  • One-pass in-crop application for control of flushing weeds and reliable post emergent control of grass and broadleaf weeds.
  • Alternative mode of action to manage previous crop volunteers, including control of glyphosate and glufosinate tolerant canola.
  • Identity Preserved (IP) marketing programs that provide farmers with an excellent return on their investment

How to sign a Corteva Agriscience TUA.


  1. Click the “Review and sign” button to open the Corteva Agriscience TUA.  Fill in the required information.
  2. Once you have verified your information, submit your form through the “Click to Sign” button.
  3. You should receive a PDF copy of your signed TUA in an email from Corteva Agriscience, via Adobe Sign. 

A copy of your Corteva Agriscience TUA will automatically be emailed to AgCelerate for processing.

Clearfield Herbicide.

Find a solution that works for you and your yield goals by applying Ares SN herbicide. Designed for the Clearfield weed control system, it offers growers consistent and reliable control of grass and broadleaf weeds.


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