Have you heard about Clearfield® Canola?

It’s a canola weed control system that offers producers differentiated marketing and management opportunities.

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Providing an alternative mode of action, the Clearfield canola weed control system offers increased crop rotation and herbicide options for maximum rotational flexibility, as well as better opportunity for returns on investment through premium pricing.

The Clearfield Canola Weed Control System

The one-pass and flushing weed control system controls a wide range of weeds and provides an alternative mode of action to manage previous crop volunteers including the control of volunteer canola, in tight canola rotations.

This ultimately creates greater efficiency, extended weed control and reduced competition, increasing the yield potential of your crop.

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Clearfield Products

Find solutions that work for you and your yield goals by applying Clearfield products. Ares SN is a herbicide designed for the Clearfield weed control system. It offers growers consistent and reliable control of key grass and broadleaf weeds such as wild buckwheat, cleavers and volunteer glyphosate-tolerant canola.

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Information about the Corteva TUA

The Corteva TUA for Clearfield canola is an agreement that allows growers to access the benefits of canola hybrids with the Clearfield trait. Uncover more about the Clearfield Production System benefits, the Technology Use Agreement and how you can register.

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